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Partnership with Native Americans01



PWNA: Rebranding a National Organization that Supports Native Americans

National Relief Charities, a nonprofit providing humanitarian services to Native Americans living on impoverished reservations, changed its name and identity. Rebranded as "Partnership with Native Americans," it sought to develop a national footprint as the premier Native-serving nonprofit. Allison+Partners was tasked with leading the research, strategic development, planning and implementation of the rebranding launch strategy, which included media relations, social media and fundraising tactics.

The team developed a launch plan, which consisted of a 100-day supply drive to keep the organization in front of media and key stakeholders, as well as a goal to raise $300,000 - $500,000 through monetary and product donations. The team helped PWNA shift its focus to its new Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels and developed an ongoing editorial calendar to increase followers and engagement. A new blog post structure and calendar were implemented, featuring shorter articles, SEO terms, more videos and imagery, third-party authors and testimonial-style content on behalf of donors and reservation partners.

At the end, Allison+Partners secured a total of 166 media placements in eight months and raised more than $1 million via product donations during the 100-day supply drive, successfully helping to reintroduce a 25-year-old brand while maintaining its overall vision and mission.