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In 50 years of the Big Game ads, none have focused on diabetes, a disease that is often overlooked in the national conversation, leaving millions of people with the condition unaware of the latest management technology. Dexcom decided to change that as it kicked off a multi-year partnership with celebrity influencer and Type 1 diabetic Nick Jonas with the company’s first Big Game ad.  

The goal was to drive a conversation beyond the 30-second spot to tell the story behind the ad while sparking dialogue and pride within the diabetes community. The team debuted the ad the week leading into the game, securing a broadcast appearance for Jonas on the TODAY Show coupled with an in-depth piece in Adweek.  

The story exploded with coverage across key verticals and global markets, driving more than 1,150 stories for Dexcom—akin to what's typically seen in a full quarter.  

This campaign's digital wrapper allowed fans to "watch the game" with Jonas through an augmented reality experience, keeping viewers and people with diabetes company during the socially distanced Big Game parties.  

The integrated campaign sustained a 3x spike in social conversation throughout the week, drove a 482% increase in leads and a 387% lift in web traffic—cementing this as the most successful PR and influencer effort in Dexcom's history. EDO ranked Dexcom's efforts No. 1 in driving search traffic (11x more search than the average brand). Cloudflare measured the ad as the "highest commercial induced peak" for the brand website, driving an incredible 100x boost.