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Public Affairs

With trust in government declining, business plays an ever-increasing role. Decision makers have been replaced with peer to peer relationships, influenced by non-government agencies and ultimately governed by consumers in real time. Leaders of companies, and NGOs not only have the opportunity, but are expected to tackle key issues historically reserved for governments. We think differently, executing integrated programs that build trust with all relevant audiences to advocate on those key issues concerning our clients.  

We employ proprietary data analytics to uncover the insights needed to guide the right strategy. Our senior practitioner led work stretches across corporations, trade associations and non-profits. We work in industries including healthcare, financial services, technology, food & agriculture, hospitality and campaigns for social justice, economic development and trade.  

Whether a community group needs further education, a corporation gets caught up in a trend halfway around the world, or a Tweet causes more questions than answers... the Public Affairs team spans the globe, strategically collaborating to design and execute impactful programs.  


Managing Director, Global Reputation Risk + Public Affairs


Our nationwide network of on-the-ground field operatives covers every major media market and congressional district across the country. We can take clients into any market, immediately.

From Capitol Hill to each statehouse across the country, we help companies and organizations build relationships with key decision makers to advance their efforts.

Through strategic planning, influencer outreach, field support, spokesperson development, volunteer coordination and more, we run political-style campaigns that change perception, educate audiences and win issues.

Strength in numbers is not a cliché. Our team helps clients interact with and educate key influencers to successfully deliver your message.

Effective government affairs and outreach begins with relationships. We help clients educate federal, state and local stakeholders about issues and garner their support to advance programs.

From gathering community support to carrying messages to state and local leaders, our team turns any issue into action from the ground up.

Influence is not an end unto itself, but a means to achieve affinity and advocacy. Through our proprietary scoring system, the Influence Impact Score, we help clients understand which stakeholders and influencers are most impactful to their efforts, ensuring that every message delivered sparks action.

Coordinated strategies with multiple media outlets push forward every campaign component. Our team works across earned, social and paid channels to increase visibility and highlight issues.

Public education is more than talking to people, placing ads or having a website. We help clients proactively engage with key audiences to raise awareness and ultimately inspire action.

To influence others, you must own your issue. Our team takes clients from being part of the conversation to leading the discussion.