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Our consumer marketing team separates itself by the way we leverage and tap into research to form integrated ideas, driven by great content and creativity, as well as our understanding and focus on influence. Consumer public relations is largely about creating meaningful connections between people and the brands they use, separating observers from participants and loyalists from evangelists to develop strategies that effectively turn influence into advocacy. We excel at building visibility and preference for our clients through every stage of a brand or product’s lifecycle and specialize in brand building and repositioning, influencer marketing and media relations, product launches and marketing for purpose-driven initiatives.


Partner + President, North America
Partner + Chief Creative Officer, Co-Chair, Consumer Marketing


Today, fans are not just watching the big screen, but are consuming content simultaneously on multiple screens. And, creative consumers are developing and distributing content virtually everywhere through their mobile devices. We help brands navigate the evolving world of entertainment by developing and distributing compelling content, leveraging relationships with new and established stars, and maximizing sponsorship dollars to most effectively connect and engage target audiences.

We know the impact that purpose-driven marketing can have on consumer decision making. We work with brands to uncover their social purpose, establish their social impact stories, engage key stakeholders and expand their businesses and customer loyalty.
From the creation of nutritionist networks, to tapping professionals to help communicate a message, we apply both earned and paid channels to maximize the potential for awareness around consumer education campaigns. A balanced approach that both informs and entertains is a primary way to break through and make a difference.
From strategy to execution, our cross-functional team of public relations professionals, content strategists and digital and social media experts devise the methodology and creative spark to unleash innovative and socially contagious content programs across all channels – paid, owned, earned and shared.
We believe in the power of a consumer experience to carry a story of influence. Our event activation puts the story we want to tell to consumers, first. From narrative, to concept, to curtain call, we have the creativity and credentials to see an event or activation through from beginning to end.
Influence is not an end unto itself, but a means to achieve affinity and advocacy. Through our proprietary scoring system, the Influence Impact Score, we help clients understand which stakeholders and influencers are most impactful to their marketing efforts, ensuring that every message delivered lands in a way that sparks action.
We bring a unique ability to manage consumer expectations and messaging with an understanding of business objectives. Issues arise and we deliver the tools, counsel and resources to plan for, and manage, through those situations that might otherwise derail smart communications.
We take a broad approach to media relations, building relationships on your behalf with anyone that can tell your story, regardless of the medium or channel. We innovate in how we communicate, using traditional and social means to connect with, and push out, stories to a wide range of trusted contacts.
We work to build connections that help augment a narrative or provide an additional channel for communications. Our view is that a successful partnership must have value and relevance that is clear and measurable.
Ideas that have impact across channels means developing programming that can relate to consumers in-store, while inspiring retail partners. We know the dynamics of the in-store communications environment and ensure our campaigns have resonance at retail.
We build, grow and engage audiences on a variety of platforms with an integrated approach to social media strategy that keeps the brand's audience at the center and maintains a conversation that is on-message and relevant.
We understand the athlete, sports teams, and, most importantly, the fan. Our knowledge and experience enables us to help clients navigate the complex world of sports marketing and best leverage opportunities for their brands. We utilize deep relationships with sports media and influencers to amplify programming and deliver results that have unique relevance.
We generate offline word of mouth influence by engaging groups of people that have the ability to activate a network of friends, family, co-workers, students and more. We use networked ambassadors to build brand buzz and authentic, grass-roots advocacy.