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Dispatches from the Blockchain Frontier: Checking the Pulse of Generation Z

Blockchain: walk, crawl, run! 

We're full force into crypto winter, but that hasn't stopped the approaching ranks of icy brigadiers... Generation Z. Born from 1997-2012, this age group of marketing consumers is an assertive, privacy-demanding and energy-conscious lot dedicated to the development of blockchain and Web 3.0, despite the crypto winter season.  

4 minute read

7 Takeaways from the Responsible Business Coalition

Acting with people and the planet in mind isn’t just a moral imperative for businesses. It’s also becoming a financial necessity. That’s because today’s consumers expect more from brands. When choosing where to spend their money, they’re increasingly turning to those that genuinely make a positive difference in the world.

5 minute read

Winter is Coming - It’s Time to Tend the Roots of the Brand

Leaves are turning, temps are cooling and signs point to a slowdown. It’s a key time to nurture the brand… an essential source of resilience for the business. A strong brand maintains customer loyalty, helps preserve price and margin, attracts top-performing talent, and rallies investors. A strong brand can drive as much as 50% of enterprise value. 

5 minute read

PR Basics: Why Media Relations Matter

Last week we began the 2022 edition of The Future is Female Mentorship Program, Africa’s first and only PR and communications initiative dedicated to African female tech founders, and supported by Allison+Partners. Twenty-five African female tech founders were selected to take part in the third edition of the programme, out of 343 applications from 36 African countries. The selected founders were announced in Techcabal who, alongside Africa Communications Week, are partners of the programme for a second year. 

5 minute read

It’s time to start rebuilding our communities

Before creating an uproar, I don’t advocate a return to five days a week in the office or pre-pandemic work environments. We’ve learned a lot from our remote-work days, and many of those efficiencies will endure well into the future. But at Allison+Partners, we’ve embraced a hybrid model that works well for us, and I advocate we move away from the remote work concept and push toward more flexibility – a work model where people can build schedules that suit their individual lifestyles.

3 minute read

Lessons Learned from Golf Sabbatical

I recently went on a golf trip to Scotland for 16 days, thanks to Allison+Partners giving me a sabbatical and a chance to remove myself from day-to-day work. My leave was more than just traveling to Scotland – it was about learning, discovering, and improving my mindset – I just happened to use golf as the tool.  

7 minute read

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