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Super Bowl LVI Social Media War Room Tour: Behind The Scenes With Budweiser And Wallbox

We’re just days away before the National Football League’s big game on Sunday between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. 

Two brands, one a Super Bowl stalwart and another a newbie, take PRWeek behind the scenes of their social media “war rooms” — set up virtually, of course — from the monitoring tools they’ve put in place to the conversations they’ll be looking to jump into during the broadcast. 

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Client News

Super Bowl LV Already has a Marketing Winner: Budweiser

More than a week before kickoff, many big brands have teased or fully revealed their Super Bowl ads online. But it is Budweiser, which won’t have its own game day spot for the first time since 1983, that has made the best play. 

Thanks to a purpose-focused call to action, Bud’s ad is scoring in media coverage of who’s in and who’s out for Super Bowl LV on February 7. 

What brands are running big game spots is a business story each year, but the angle has been heightened this season because of the pandemic and its economic impact. Coca-Cola, for example, benched itself after cutting 12% of its U.S. workforce in late December, likely reasoning that spending the estimated $5.1 million for a 30-second Super Bowl ad would be flagged by observers. 

This week, Budweiser said it would bow out of the broadcast, but for a different reason: it has invested in a 1:30-second film called Bigger Picture, narrated by actress and activist Rashida Jones, to drive COVID-19 vaccine awareness and education. It is sharing the PSA-like spot online via earned media, digital buys and social media. 

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Client News

Impossible Foods just made a massive deal to bring its burger to Disney parks and resorts �

The plant-based food craze is taking over Disney. 

Disney announced on Tuesday it is teaming up with Impossible Foods as it works to expand its plant-based menu options across all of its theme parks, resorts, and cruise lines in the US. As part of the partnership, Impossible Foods will serve as Disney's preferred plant-based "burger" vendor, and the Impossible Burger will soon be available at restaurant locations at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, the Disneyland Resort in California, and Disney Cruise Line ships. 


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