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Why Working at A Public Relations Agency is a Great Career Choice

We've all heard that the PR agency world is fast-paced, competitive and often lands on the most stressful jobs lists – along with doctors, surgeons, dentists, firefighters and police officers. 

No, public relations is not life and death – it’s PR, not ER. It’s exciting, rewarding and fun. PR people are storytellers, and most importantly, industry professionals who want to help their clients tell their stories to their numerous stakeholder audiences. 

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If Your Instinct Is to Rattle Off Everything Your Firm Has Done to Advance Diversity and Social Equity, Think Again

When your company is asked, “what are you really doing about social and racial equity?” the best response probably isn’t simply to list all initiatives that are in play and ones that are planned. Be a bit more earnest and remember that most organizations haven’t done enough to begin to reset the tradition of inequality. This is particularly true in the investment management space, where 99% of the assets managed by the U.S. investment industry are overseen by white, male-owned firms, according to a 2019 Knight Foundation analysis cited in Fortune.  

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Allyship is more than just a month.

Take Those Pride Marketing Tactics Out Of The Closet

Authentic support for equality needs to happen every day — all year long. With Pride month in full swing, it isn’t surprising to see companies raising their Pride flags and displaying rainbow-embellished products. Step into a Starbucks, and you’ll see an assortment of colorful mugs. In the back of a Target, you’ll find T-shirts, hats and flags that simply state, “Equality.”

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The Next Technology Frontier: Welcome to the New Miami

When does a trend become a movement? When does the movement become a permanent fixture? The shift from being a city synonymous with tourism and sunshine to a global tech hub seemed to always be slightly out of reach for Miami. As other U.S. cities, such as Austin and Boulder, recently built vibrant tech ecosystems, Miami’s momentum did not keep pace.  

That all changed in 2020.  

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Principles and Approaches to Internal Corporate Communication

The story was originally published in China PR News  

Corporate culture is the heart of an enterprise and the driving force behind its sustainable development. To some extent, corporate culture can decide what kind of talent a company can attract and how good it is at employee retention. 

Therefore, internal communication is hugely important to strengthening corporate culture, as it provides a means of empowering employees to thrive and grow together with the company. 

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Measuring Employee Communications Effectiveness During COVID-19

Ask any in-house communications executive, and they'll tell you about the need over the past 14 months for a comprehensive internal communications plan to keep employees in the know during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Internal communications has changed, too, to include messaging about work-from-home policies to initiatives about public health and safety.

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Engage for Good - 19 Years and Counting – It’s Time to Register for EFG 2021

Almost 20 years ago, prior to starting Allison+Partners, Scott Allison, Andy Hardie Brown, Jonathan Heit and I all worked at Connors Communications, a New York-based boutique public relations firm. I opened the Los Angeles office with Jonathan; Andy was in New York and Scott was in San Francisco. Connors was one of the leading communications companies that helped launch a few “tiny” companies people may remember, including,,, MySpace and

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Panel Brings Together Old Friends For A Good Cause

On April 21, I will host a special panel on mentorship with the Broom Center at San Diego State University. As I have shared in past blog posts, mentoring young professionals is one of my passions. It was to Glen Broom, my mentor and friend, as well.  

As a public relations professional, I have met some incredible people over the past 30 years. Some are current and past colleagues and clients; some are from partnerships and alliances; and others I’ve met through networking events and conferences. 

In this seminar, I will have the opportunity to introduce four of my friends who have never met each other but have all played important roles in my life. I wanted to take a moment to recognize each of them here. 

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