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Winter is Coming - It’s Time to Tend the Roots of the Brand

Leaves are turning, temps are cooling and signs point to a slowdown. It’s a key time to nurture the brand… an essential source of resilience for the business. A strong brand maintains customer loyalty, helps preserve price and margin, attracts top-performing talent, and rallies investors. A strong brand can drive as much as 50% of enterprise value. 

5 minute read

3 Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Marketing Budget in a Recession

Between supply chain disruption, layoffs and rising costs that continue to squeeze wallets, consumers are on the edge of their seats waiting for confirmation that we’re *officially* in a recession. At the same time, businesses are taking a hard look at their FY23 plans with an eye towards trimming unnecessary spending. What’s top of the list for cuts? Usually that marketing budget. 

4 minute read

Ideas from Everywhere all at Once

I used to think I was a brand strategist.  Now I’m starting to think I’ve become an IT guy.  In other words, I’ve always believed brand is a team sport, but in a hybrid workplace just putting that team on the field now involves really hard tech challenges. And with everyone everywhere, it’s crucial that when we collaborate, technology actually helps us get the lean-in and buy-in we need to build a powerful brand.

5 minute read

Advancing the understanding and measurement of employee experience

For a long time, organizations have thought about employee experience (EX) as an internal mechanism. It’s been about winning “Great Place to Work” awards, retention in the face of the Great Resignation and cultivating a great corporate culture. But brands have had an awakening and begun to realize EX is not just about industry recognition and finding amazing talent – it’s also about making employees active ambassadors for the brand itself. 

6 minute read

Climate Action Hindered By Today’s U.S. Supreme Court Decision: Implications For Companies Already Focused On Reducing Emissions

Despite corporate support for regulatory action and the economic imperative to address climate change globally and in the United States, the Supreme Court decision today in the case of West Virginia v. EPA hinders the ability of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate harmful pollutants, including carbon. 

3 minute read

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