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Measure Your Brands Cultural Relevance with Brandgeist IQ

The need for brands to connect with consumers through culture is an established concept. However, the manner and the speed now required to do so successfully —and in a way that drives bottom-line impact— has evolved faster than the latest fling on “Love Island.” With brands hustling to react to the latest meme, trending TikTok dance or societal crisis, it can be difficult to quantify how these efforts impact cultural relevance, cement customer loyalty and drive brand love.

5 minute read

Three Steps to Optimize Your Brand for Social Search

As marketing professionals, we know brands want to be where their consumers are. They read newspapers in the early days of advertising, they started watching TV in mid-late 1900s and they expanded to online googling and reading articles in the early 21st century. In 2022, we’re due for a new evolution in how we continue to reach new consumers – but where?

5 minute read

Beyond the Big 4: How San Diego Redefines the Sports Market

The days before and after the Major League Baseball All-Star game are typically referred to as “dead days” in sports – the only dates on the calendar without scheduled Major League Baseball, NFL, NBA or NHL games. The assumption is sports relevancy is directly tied to the Big 4 professional sports.  

5 minute read

Climate Action Hindered By Today’s U.S. Supreme Court Decision: Implications For Companies Already Focused On Reducing Emissions

Despite corporate support for regulatory action and the economic imperative to address climate change globally and in the United States, the Supreme Court decision today in the case of West Virginia v. EPA hinders the ability of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate harmful pollutants, including carbon. 

3 minute read

Words Of Support For New Moms This Mother’s Day

We realize Mother’s Day can be a difficult and complicated day for some, so please feel free to skip reading if this is a sensitive topic for you. Thank you. 

While Mother’s Day has evolved to be a day of celebration and appreciation by way of brunch, flowers, cards and (if you’re lucky) some downtime for moms, the origination of Mother’s Day in the U.S. stems back to social and political concerns that impacted women in the early 1900s. Now, there is a growing movement for Mother’s Day to go beyond the Hallmark Holiday, recognize the sacrifices mothers make for their children and celebrate the collective power of mothers supporting other mothers. I am very happy to see this shift, with deeper and more meaningful conversations being had year-round, and certainly around Mother’s Day, about how society can better support moms of all types.

5 minute read

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