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The Gateway to Innovation

Is Marketing Innovation the Answer to 2021 Key Challenges?

This blog was also published on The Drum.If 2021 had a mantra it would undoubtedly be, time for change. The pandemic brought all the challenges (and opportunities) for brands. In fact, marketers often pondered what to say, how to say it and should I even say it at all. Coming out of quarantine people want greater meaning and authentic connections with brands. Reflecting this, over 80% of marketing leaders are looking to rescale or reinvent the majority of their key strategies (Gartner, Jan 2021). CMOs need to drive to higher business level KPIs while lowering costs. Brands that understand disruption for what it really is — the gateway to innovation — will be on the best footing to not just survive, but thrive in the coming months and years.

2 minute read
Agency News

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Redesigning Brand Communication

Lisa Rosenberg, Partner + President, Consumer Brands at Allison+Partners, shares insights on the future of brand communications. She speaks about how her experience as a judge at Cannes provided a window into how brands can deploy a compelling narrative to forge meaningful connections in an increasingly fragmented world. Lisa also explains how brands can avoid becoming a “chaser of culture” and move towards making a more sincere and meaningful impact.

5 minute read

Cautious Optimism About the Future of Health

Like so many others, my career in healthcare was completely accidental at its inception. Years into a successful fundraising career and weeks into a master’s degree program, I decided to shift gears into health communications knowing little about either. The day after Lehman Brothers crashed, I impulsively accepted a mid-level communications position and a 25% pay cut with a nonprofit focused on strengthening primary care in New York City. 

5 minute read

Lessons from a ‘New Normal’ That Wasn’t

By: Michelle Rovere 

If this new decade has taught us anything, it’s that it will keep us on our toes.

It’s July 2021, some 18 months since COVID-19 started dominating our news cycles. And as the rest of the world continues to re-open, a large proportion of Australia’s east coast finds itself ‘back here.’ – back in hard lockdown, back in online learning mode, back confused about ways of working and back binge-watching state officials’ daily delivery of pandemic case numbers. Our reality TV fix has been replaced by watching the patient zero blame game play out across the media and trying to decode what the latest vaccination guidelines and ever-changing restrictions mean for us and our loved ones.

4 minute read

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