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JULY 19, 2018 //     

Snapchat Study Shows Advertisers How Much Potential the App Still Has for the Upcoming Holidays

Credit: Snapchat

Santa’s making a list and checking it twice, and brands, retailers and social media platforms don’t want you to forget it.

It’s why more social platforms, like Facebook and Snapchat, are getting marketers ready for the holidays in July, versus waiting until closer to the winter months. Snapchat’s newest report, which is part of a larger group of studies around foot traffic, takes a look at what stores Snapchatters were visiting during Black Friday and the holiday season, what they were eating while doing their shopping and just how much more a user is likely to buy than a nonuser.

JULY 19, 2018 //     

When telling stories, one size doesn't fit all

Credit: AmelioBy: Marcel Goldstein

“It has been said that next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling.” - Khalil Gibran

We all hunger for stories. We relate to them, are moved by them and remember them. We can even argue storytelling is in our DNA, because before the written word emerged, oral storytelling provided the means to share and remember information critical to our survival.

But do we all hunger for the same type of stories? Can the stories you tell about your business work around the world in all countries and with all cultures?

Last week, I led a storytelling workshop in Frankfurt, Germany. And through an engaging, dynamic conversation with a cross-section of thoughtful people from different countries, I learned a lot about both the power and limitations of telling stories globally.


The late great Joseph Campbell, a scholar in comparative mythology and religion, believed there’s only one story in the world: the hero’s journey. Found frequently in books and movies today, this story type begins with the origin or background of the hero, followed by a transformative moment that forces the hero onto a journey to change the world, and finally concludes with the resolution of his or her struggles and a return home.

Business communications often use this framework. In those cases, the hero might be an employee who solved a customer’s problem, or it might be a customer who solved a broader societal problem. The hero can also be a company, as many companies are quick to move directly into a conversation about their solutions. However, this leaves out crucial elements of storytelling, such as the beginning (“once upon a time”) and middle (a problem, challenge or obstacle—i.e., something to overcome).

While this is a common framework, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is ideal. When asked if that type of story would resonate around the world, my Frankfurt discussion group gave a resounding “no.” In many parts of the world, this level of individualism would not be welcomed. In fact, in many countries, only the government can be the hero of any story, I learned. So, while I believe the key elements of storytelling and even the hero’s journey framework can work, the specific application of this story type must be framed within the recipients’ context.

For those businesses hoping to achieve centralized content development efficiencies, this will be a big disappointment. However, to be a truly successful global enterprise, investments in local storytelling are necessary. Cultural references also require more investments in local storytelling. For example, good stories use analogies and metaphors, but those references are rarely shared universally. 

Now, there’s another side to this story. We are more globalized today than at any other time in history. Advances in transportation and communications have made us more aware of other cultures and increased our understanding of them and their references. Hollywood, one of the great storytelling factories in the world, produces movies today that are as popular in China as the United States. The stories of many authors are translated and have found large audiences in foreign countries. As a result of incredible worldwide demand for the tale, French author Antoine De Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince” can be read in any of 253 languages -- more than any other book.

The world is drawing closer fundamentally, but vast differences remain. At a high level, some stories and story types seem to resonate in multiple regions of the world, and cultural references cross boundaries better than in the past due to globalization. Having said that, we are still a world of many different peoples and societies, and one story may not always work universally. Successful business storytellers will invest in localization of stories when necessary and integrate local teams to contribute to their storytelling.

Marcel is an executive vice president in Allison+Partners’ Corporate practice.

JULY 12, 2018 //     

How Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale Became the ‘Super Bowl’ for Fashion Influencers

Credit: NordstromIn today’s fast fashion-filled word, sales happen constantly. But there aren’t many sales like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which has become a massive money-maker in the fashion influencer community over the past half-decade. There’s rarely a style blogger out there who doesn’t cover the sale in some capacity—in fact, it’s so unusual that some even write posts explaining their decision. READ MORE
JULY 11, 2018 //     

Ads We Like: humorous new ‘Got Milk?’ ads focus on younger, more diverse audience

The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), which owns the iconic ‘Got Milk?’ trademark, is launching a new phase of the long-running campaign, ‘You Can Always Count on Milk’ that utilizes kids to great effect and is designed to appeal to millennial families throughout California. READ MORE
JULY 10, 2018 //     

What’s Next for Cult Fashion Items on Instagram as the Platform Becomes More Shoppable

Credit: Cult GaiaThere was once a time when scrolling through an Instagram feed full of influencers was the equivalent of people watching in a fashion-forward district. Global fashion search platform Lyst even found that a particular “Instagram style” existed, when it published a “Year in Fashion” report last year that tracked more than 100 million searches on its site. Under a section devoted to “Instagram fashion” were the items that every fashion influencer seemed to own in 2017: the Gucci logo T-shirt, the Cult Gaia “Ark” bag, and the RE/DONE patchwork jeans, just to name a few. READ MORE
JULY 9, 2018 //     

Facebook pursues AI in bid to ID harmful content

Illustration by Pete Ryan

Facebook's Menlo Park, California, headquarters feels like a theme park, the House That Zuck Built.

From the outside, it could be any big-box mall, announced by warehouse-like structures. But gradually, the offices give way to a planned community. There's a Main Street lined with picture-perfect storefronts, an ice cream parlor, cafes, a barbecue shack and even a woodshop. In the center of town, a jumbotron flashes the faces of employees who are celebrating anniversaries with the company.

JULY 9, 2018 //     

Grooming Products Are More Important Than Life Itself in Old Spice’s Newest Odd Ads

Credit: Old Spice

When most think back on Old Spice’s iconic “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” it’s understandable that they likely think of a shirtless Isaiah Mustafa and his tantalizing opening line, “Hello, ladies.” Or maybe you think of the two tickets to that thing you love, or the fact that he was on a horse.

What’s often overlooked, though, is the strategic message of the ads: Women often make the decisions on men’s grooming products. They’re the key influencers, so to speak, in many relationships and households, and Old Spice’s market research had shown strong potential in focusing on the women rather than (in the vein of old Axe ads) trying to convince guys that products could be a magic potion of sexual attraction.

JULY 9, 2018 //     

How Toyota sparked a 23% lift in purchase consideration among music festival fans

Toyota partnered with Oath last summer to live stream four music festivals and develop special video, native and display ads in an effort to engage millennial music fans, according to a case study shared with Marketing Dive.

The live streams of the festivals Firefly, Panorama, Life Is Beautiful and Voodoo generated more than 83 million collective views — a 107% increase from the previous year — and were available on both mobile and desktop devices. Viewers tuned in for an average of 15 minutes, and the campaign sparked a 23% lift in consideration to buy a Toyota car among millennials in the market for a new vehicle. READ MORE
AGENCY NEWS // JULY 2, 2018 //     

Campaign for Good Awards: Shortlist Revealed

The Campaigns for Good Awards are an opportunity for agencies, charities, NGOs and public bodies to prove their ability to produce creative and effective good-cause campaigns for clients, and for brands to showcase their corporate social responsibility. READ MORE
JUNE 28, 2018 //     

Mountain Dew hosts experiential event to welcome NBA prospect to Rising Stars roster

PepsiCo's Mtn Dew Kickstart announced via a news release that it has signed NBA Draft prospect Marvin Bagley III as its latest Rising Stars athlete. Bagley joins other Rising Stars, including Joel Embiid, Kyle Kuzma and Dennis Smith Jr., for the program that gives fans a look at the next generation of top players.  READ MORE
JUNE 27, 2018 //     

Dove introduces 'No Digital Distortion Mark' for unaltered photos of women

Unilever's Dove brand is launching the "No Digital Distortion Mark" to signal when an image has not been digitally altered, a news release announced. The company is rolling out the initiative across all of its branded content beginning in July, starting with its deodorant campaigns.  READ MORE

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