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AGENCY NEWS // NOVEMBER 6, 2018 //     

How 5 PR shops got out the vote on Tuesday

Credit: PRWeek

PR firms across the country are making sure employees have ample time to get to the polls on Tuesday.

Some gave staffers the day off, while others threw parties or gave treats to employees who voted.

Here’s what five PR agencies did to mark Election Day.

Allison+Partners signed the Time to Vote pledge to encourage employees to take time out of their workdays to vote in the midterm elections. In accordance with this pledge, and continuing an initiative the firm started in 2016, all staffers, including interns, in Allison+Partners’ U.S. offices have been provided with up to four hours paid time off to vote. The firm is also offering a day for early dismissal, should it reach a percentage goal for its offices across the country. Offices are also hosting celebrations to encourage voting and meeting the participation threshold. For example, the firm’s New York office held a "Beer and Ballots" party on Friday to give employees time to review the issues, go over their ballots, and see where candidates stand in preparation for voting. The firm also has a mock "bake sale" going on for those who voted to pick up some sweet treats.

NOVEMBER 6, 2018 //     

11 brands ensuring there are no excuses not to vote on election day

Credit: PRWeek

Election Day is finally here and brands want to get you fired up to vote.

Levi's and North Face are encouraging staffers to vote in the midterms, while other brands such as Uber are offering customers discounted rides to polling stations.

NOVEMBER 5, 2018 //     

Marketing's next battlefield: Your phone's camera

Credit: Getty Images

NEW YORK: Just as mainstream marketers get comfortable with social media, a new frontier is opening: the smartphone camera.

"We believe you’re going to spend the next 10 years figuring out this new thing called ‘camera marketing’ and the idea of camera marketing is the camera as an ad placement," said Carolina Arguelles, head of AR monetization product strategy at Snap.

NOVEMBER 5, 2018 //     

Samsung to Put Spotlight on Augmented Reality at This Week’s Developer Conference

Credit: SamsungSamsung will give us a first glimpse at its plans for augmented reality (AR) at a developer event this week. The company is expected to unveil an AR Cloud service dubbed Project Whare, and may even preview a dedicated AR headset. READ MORE
NOVEMBER 1, 2018 //     

Oscar Mayer Officially Declares Hot Dogs Are Sandwiches, Creates a Hotline for Naysayers

Credit: Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Like with "what happens after you die?" and "do we have free will?" the question, "is a hot dog a sandwich?" is one of the greatest philosophical inquiries of our time. It's a source of cultural contempt, a puzzle of logic, and a pick-up line far more effective than "what's your sign?"

AGENCY NEWS // NOVEMBER 1, 2018 //     

This Shockingly Effective Fire-Safety Video, Viewed 9 Million Times, May Change How You Sleep

Credit: Allison+Partners

When you go to sleep at night, you’re probably not thinking about fire ravaging your home. And if you’re like me, you probably leave your bedroom doors open—perhaps so kids and pets can wander freely, or maybe just so you can hear whether there’s trouble in the night.

If so, you’re not alone. Only 29 percent of Americans sleep with their bedroom doors closed, according to a recent survey by the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute. And of those who do keep doors open, the group reports, more than half think it will actually help them in a fire to have doors open for easy access to other rooms.

OCTOBER 31, 2018 //     

The Stream Podcast Episode 2: Inside the Twitch Matrix

Credit: TwitchBy: Owen Clark

We’re back! After an extended hiatus due to client commitments and crazy travel schedules, the Stream Podcast returns with Episode 2 -- a look inside the world of the streaming service Twitch.

There are a lot of reasons to be fascinated by the world of Twitch. There’s the explosive user growth, the massive dollars streamers rake in, the democratization of content creation and even the way the platform reflects how we connect as humans in today’s “anxiety ridden” digital age (more on that from Micah in the episode).


My favorite thing about Twitch is the bright line that exists between users and non-users. Go ahead and ask somebody if they have heard of Twitch and you will find they are either way in, to the point that it has become a main course in their media consumption diet. Or they have never used it, don’t understand it and are openly incredulous about the very idea of people watching other people play video games. It’s sort of like Fight Club, to borrow another movie analogy, but if Fight Club was operated by one of the largest and most well-known companies in the world and everyone who participated wore branded purple hoodies.

For the podcast, we wanted to offer something for both types of Twitch audiences: a beginner’s guide for those who aren’t among the initiated and a deeper dive into the future of the platform for streamers who already have their Bob Ross Emotes on lock.

Lending their insight on the episode is Newsweek Writer Steven Asarch, whose excellent primer on the platform is a must-read for anyone interested in the Twitch world. Also along for the ride is our colleague and Twitch super fan Mark DeRutte, who among other things offers an entrée into some of the other interesting things happening on the platform that don’t involve video games. Hint: There are shaving-cream-covered, ear-shaped microphones involved.

Thanks for listening and please remember to subscribe, rate and review on your favorite podcast platforms. We promise future episodes will be delivered to your feed at more regular intervals.

The Stream Podcast can be downloaded via Google Play MusiciTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

OCTOBER 30, 2018 //     

Snapchat launches TV-style content on Shows with non-skippable ads

Credit: Campaign

Snapchat is ramping up its online TV proposition in the UK after snaring 17 media brands to launch content on its new Shows platform, which will include non-skippable ads.

Shows, the messaging platform that rivals YouTube, will feature 25 new series in the UK. Brands will be able to advertise against six-second non-skippable ads via Snapchat’s self-serve Commercials format.

OCTOBER 30, 2018 //     

Influencers to teach five McDonald's staffers about their dream careers

Credit: PRWeekCHICAGO: McDonald’s understands and supports employees who don’t see a future career at the fast food joint. As part of its new Where You Want To Be campaign, celebrities will allow U.S. McDonald’s employees to shadow them for one day to help ready them for their future careers – which may or may not be at McDonald’s. READ MORE
OCTOBER 29, 2018 //     

Ikea takes a diverse look at the holidays in new campaign

Like its Canadian counterpart, Ikea U.S. is highlighting diversity in its marketing. In a new 30-second holiday spot, the furniture brand showcases various families that are diverse in both age and ethnicities. "Our holidays don't all look the same—maybe that's what makes us great," a voiceover says. READ MORE
OCTOBER 29, 2018 //     

Instagrammers Are Being Lured to ‘the World’s Most Epic Pop-Up’ on Nov. 6 (at Every Polling Place)

Credit: Gold Front

If you like limited-time pop-ups that make for great Instagram fodder and seem to attract every celebrity in America, then look no further than the Museum of Voting.

Happening only on Nov. 6, it has the vibe of an immersive democratic experience where your decisions have highly realistic consequences—because it is, and they do. In fact, the whole thing is better known by its more traditional name “Election Day in the U.S.”


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