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Unleashing Influence



We conducted a qualitative study across five verticals of marketers and influencers to determine where there is alignment and gaps across these two audiences, along with identifying opportunities to further shape the future of this space. While most studies are quantitative and focus on marketers or influencers independently, our qualitative approach allowed for more depth from marketers and influencers concurrently.

At the core of our findings, we discovered a large divide between influencers and marketers on many topics, from the length of an ideal engagement to the essential question of return on investment. While previous years have been mostly seen as a “test, learn and tweak” phase for both marketers and influencers, there’s a growing urgency to better optimize influencer engagement efforts and, more importantly, report on their value.


2019 is a critical time for influencer marketing. By communicating better, implementing process and rigor, best practices and – perhaps most important – methods to show value, marketers and influencers will be able to see the full and realized potential of influencer marketing.