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Mobility Culture



No matter where we live, our transportation options are more robust than ever. In our latest report, we explore the changing definition of transportation and how an influx of new mobility solutions are paving the way for a cultural shift – and the birth of mobility culture.

Resulting from the intersection of transportation and technology, this cultural shift will be driven forward by a new generation of consumers – those just now coming of driving/ride-sharing age.  Much in the way Baby Boomers in their teens and twenties defined American car culture, Gen Z will ultimately become synonymous with mobility culture.

The transportation values of the past and long associated with American car culture are evolving to place priority on shared timed, shared experiences and shared values. Through this evolution, transportation will become more of a social experience than it is today – and the “me” prioritized within car culture will shift to “we.”

The report, based on a survey of U.S. consumers fielded in January 2019, reveals a clear shift in consumer attitudes, values and behaviors when making transportation decisions. For marketers, the changing definition of transportation and birth of mobility culture require a different approach. Whereas car culture reinforces an outward reflection of self, alignment of consumer and societal values drives mobility culture. To stay ahead of this shift and to learn more download the report.