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Technology PR's Tug of War:
The Battle of Brand vs. Product


The Battle of Brand vs. Product

“Tech PR is Dead” – or at least that’s what some headlines claim as of late. Hype aside, is tech PR really on its way out? Absolutely not. But during a time that begs for brand, purpose and authenticity, are tech marketers and communicators torn between brand-first storytelling and more traditional product talk? 100%.  

With the C-Suite pulling on one side of the rope and sales tugging on the other, tech decision-makers crave clarity and direction. Our experts at Allison+Partners, armed with insights from CMOs, CCOs and VPs of marketing/PR worldwide, explore the age-old conundrum that plagues in-house and agency tech PR experts…which comes first: the brand or the product?  

Download the report to learn:

  • Why brand and product are tech PR’s chicken and egg. 
  • Why global tech brands struggle with consistency of message and alignment across borders. 
  • What B2B and consumer tech customers and potential partners are looking for vs. what they’re getting.


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