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May 18, 2020 // PRWeek  //       //  Opinion

Where Do Chinese Brands Go From Here?

COVID-19 has affected global trust in China, so we asked experts whether this might affect the fate of international Chinese brands, such as Huawei and TikTok.

COVID-19 has caused China's global reputation to take a hit, leading the government to spend billions of dollars in a PR campaign to 'repair' its image. Is there a chance this will cause a global rebellion against Chinese brands?

Last month, China's handling of the coronavirus played a part in UK PM Boris Johnson threatening to limit the role of Huawei in its development of 5G in the UK. But Lenovo and Xiaomi have, in fact, made gains during this period, and the latter has surpassed Huawei to become the third largest smartphone vendor in the world. Based on earnings, Alibaba and Tencent have also been largely unaffected save for an expected dip in media advertising. TikTok too has continued its upward trajectory.
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