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Yasmine at her Jiu Jitsu class.
April 8, 2021 // Yasmine Gonzalez // Opinion  //       //  Opinion

The Art of Self Defense

COVID-19 arrived at my doorstep during a dark period of my life, when a hard breakup left me and my two dogs alone in an apartment in downtown Phoenix. I felt numb at firstBut then that feeling faded and left me with the fear of being trapped between four walls, heartbroken and in isolation. I look back at that moment in time with gratitude now because it propelled me to where I am today.  

Had it not been for the breakup, I wouldn’t have dived into my last three months of college with extreme vigor to graduate Magna Cum Laude. I wouldn’t have met the beautiful, kind women in my Bible study that filled me with hope and strength. And above all else, I wouldn’t have discovered my love for the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. During that time of loneliness, I became armed with the tools that helped build up my character and confidence and led me to Allison+Partners. 

n summer 2020, I made the difficult decision to move home to get back on my feet. While the free meals are nicemoving back home after college can be a blow to the ego. Determined not to let this setback hurt me, I enrolled in a Jiu Jitsu academy that would become far more than a gym. It was where I started to learn patience, strength and strategy – skills I’ve since been able to apply in every area of my life, including with clients.  

Embarking on a new hobby doesn’t sound like much. But at that stage of my life, it felt like I was coming up for air after months of fogginess. Soon afterthings began falling into place. In August, I had my first interview with Allison+Partners. And in Septemberofficially began my career in a field I love.  

These milestones further encouraged me to push myself and learn new skills and submissions in Jiu Jitsu class three to four times per week. Originally, practice was just a way to stay active. But it evolved over time to serve both my physical and mental health. The time I spend on the mat allows me to step away from the reality of difficult adult decisions and simply flow.” IJiu Jitsu, that means moving continuously in a current or stream – and that’s truly what it feels like.  

As I onboarded onto five client accounts, I understood quickly why our agency puts such an emphasis on self-care. Depending on the client, the required extensive deliverables can demand a lot of energy and focus throughout the day. When you add the layer of working from home, it can be even more difficult to separate and log off at an appropriate time, especially when emails sit unopened across from your dining room table.  

That’s why having a routine has helped me so muchview the opportunity to work from home as a blessing, because it allows us to find what routines work best and make us the happiest. No matter what, I make it a point to attend my 6 p.m. Jiu Jitsu classes. Because if I don’t, I’m not acting consistently with my goal to become a black belt. Although as a two-stripe white belt, I’m just hungry for the blue stripe right now. And If I go to class in the evening, I can log on the next morning feeling fired up with ideas and a fresh perspective for my clients  

Jiu Jitsu also helped me understand the importance of having a foundation. As an account coordinatoroften do the foundational work, such as creating client agendas, building media lists and drafting pitches. Rather than looking at this as busywork, I see it as an integral part of the account work. If I create a strong media list, for example, our team has a better chance of reaching the right reporter to share our client’s story. So, I take pride in every task I’m given. 

In a way, martial arts taught me everything in life is connected. The only way to learn a new submission in Jiu Jitsu is by practicing the same thing over and over again. And this holds true in the world of PR. Every pitch, brainstorm or campaign idea is better from the last.  

I’m grateful to have realized this during a season that was dark for so many. I’m grateful for a sport that continues to stretch me. And I’m grateful for a company that believes I have something unique to offer to the world. Today, I’m back on my feet, living with my two dogs in a beautiful condo – alone and happy.  

Yasmine Gonzalez is an account coordinator in the Phoenix office. Dedicated to making clients happy, she works on a wide range of accounts to help raise awareness of the good they do, supporting Partnership With Native Americans’ community initiatives and helping connect people with diabetes to the latest resources and technology through her work on Dexcom and Helmsley Charitable Trust. She enjoys finding the people brands are able to positively impact and telling their stories to share the heart behind the company.  

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