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February 28, 2023 // Rafe Needleman, Jaime Tero and Karyn Barr  //       //  Opinion

Before AI Regulation Arrives, Do This

ChatGPT grabbed over 100 million users in under three months. Of course, it did: It’s powerful, useful and free. But it needs a warning label. AI chatbots can be wrong – and dangerous.

Fortunately, AI companies might welcome government regulation as they grapple with technical and safety issues. They recognize it will be necessary to protect themselves, and their customers, from emerging AI liabilities like misinformation injection attacks.

Regulation will happen slowly, and the first AI laws on content, privacy, and job displacement will certainly have unintended consequences. For comparison’s sake, seatbelt regulations took decades to write. New Hampshire still doesn’t require that adults use them.

Here’s what company leaders can do today:

  1. AI is seductive. People are likely already using it at your company. It may be premature to run AI audits but do a quick survey and start keeping notes.
  2. Draft initial guidelines around AI use. Include issues around how to attribute AI-generated content, how to protect information from leaking to AI companies, and standards for checking AI outputs for accuracy and bias.
  3. Read news and expert opinion. Set up recurring meetings with peers. AI use will evolve quickly; it’s wise to stay current.

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Rafe Needleman is senior vice president of Technology Content for Allison+Partners. He joined the firm after more than 20 years as a technology journalist followed by six years as an in-house communication strategist and content creator for a Fortune 500 enterprise technology firm.

Jaime Tero is managing director for the Technology practice. From enterprise IT, mobile/telecoms, data analytics and ad-tech through to working with emergent technology companies in AI, IoT and quantum computing, her experience runs the gamut.

Karyn Barr is president of global operations, where she oversees talent identification, marketing and team building and collaborates globally on agency reputation.


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