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Marketing Innovation Team

Everyone has a story. Getting people to pay attention, connect and engage with it? That’s the challenge. Our Marketing Innovation Team is our way of giving you an unfair advantage in the storytelling department.  

To do that, we don’t operate on hunches. Make assumptions. Or take needless risks. We use sophisticated market research and insight-driven strategy as our inception points. We then combine creativity with technology to deliver unique digital and content experiences that are more collaborative, meaningful and participatory for audiences. Finally, we measure the impact to ensure we’re building trust, relevance and loyalty among customers, while driving your business forward. 

From short-form video and long-form documentary, to real-time editorial. From an experiential activation, to a fully integrated marketing campaign. From ongoing influencer programs, to paid media partnerships. Our team of award-winning strategists, designers, writers, researchers and technologists are here to do more than make your story come to life.  

We’re here to make it take on a life of its own.

Cathy Planchard 
Global President, Marketing Innovation Team + Healthcare