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Consumer Brands


It’s a noisy world. For brands to stay relevant, they have to be true. Authentic. Have meaningful stories to tell that consumers care deeply about. Price, quality, it’s all good, but people want to know, what do you stand for? Whose side are you on? Do your core values mirror mine? That’s more than chiming in with everyone else. It’s starting the talk track.

Brands need purpose — a reason to exist — to secure a spot not just on consumers’ shelves, but in their hearts and minds. People buy brands that reflect back their own values and beliefs. We help brands understand and live their purpose. To stand for something bigger in the world. To solve a societal problem or unmet need.

To be awake as a brand means owning a larger cultural truth. And putting everything you have behind it. We're working with Seventh Generation to address #climatechange as our generation's problem to solve. We ushered Driscoll’s into Justin Timberlake’s dream berry world and broke the Internet. Created a social experiment for Kimpton Hotels that rained down #brandlove. Showed Impossible Foods you don’t have to be a tech company to snag the Top Tech Award at CES. We do it by leveraging trends. Creating cultural moments. Surfacing meaningful brand truths.

We believe this approach is so mission critical to driving brand love, we created TAP in, a creative lab of 20 passionate trend seekers. Our Tappers are a cross-agency, cross-office team of meme-generating, gif-sharing, trend-loving professionals who go to the ends of the internet for our clients to spot the next Art Basel Banana, first.

We deep dive into audience segmentation to drive our earned media strategies. Through primary, secondary and digital research, we immerse ourselves on the topics and trends that consumers care about. With a clear understanding of mindset, behaviors and media consumption habits, we reach consumers in meaningful ways on the channels where they want to engage.

In our world, success comes from a combination of technology and the human touch. We are seasoned storytellers and media pros who pair data and analytics with trusted influencer and media relationships — opening doors to genuine conversations.


  • Brand Building + Repositioning
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Cause Marketing
  • Consumer Education
  • Content Marketing
  • Experiential + Event Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Issues Management
  • Media Relations
  • Partnership Development
  • Product Launches
  • Retail Integration
  • Social Media + Community Management
  • Sports Marketing


Lisa Rosenberg
President, Consumer Brands