The Work


Though we are still a relatively young company, Allison+Partners has a rich history in technology and digital media. We like to describe ourselves as having had a front row seat for some of the greatest innovations over the last decade. And it’s a position we plan to maintain as we head into our second decade.

Our eye for emerging technologies is driven by our own guiding principles as we seek out  companies shaped by the most creative, innovative and entrepreneurial leaders. From enterprise business solutions to startups taking new approaches to thorny problems, our team brings fresh thinking and a creative approach to help our clients differentiate themselves in the most crowded marketplace.

Our “techsperience” dates back to the original launch of MySpace and includes not only our groundbreaking work with YouTube and Dropbox, but also our ongoing efforts to establish Samsung as a major player in the business environment and Sony as the leader in the new wave of Hollywood digital production. In each and every engagement we seek to bring out the best in the brands we represent, infusing their story with our own understanding of the marketplace to position them for success, in whatever shape that may take.