The Work


Though we pride ourselves on creating great story angles, we’re generally not prone to clever nicknames, as you’re more likely to find us operating under our founder’s mantra of, “It’s about the work.” In the world of media relations however, clever pitching is critical, and we liken ourselves to an ancient band of mercenaries whose sole function is to deliver for both our clients and media contacts, be they national broadcast producers, bloggers, columnists, editors or reporters.

As frequently as the media landscape is changing, it’s vital to have professionals exclusively dedicated to this aspect of your communications program. We’re trendspotters who uncover the big story and figure out how our clients can be a part of it. We’ll also tell you if your story has enough legs to be successful using the advanced auditing capacity of our integrated team, which complements the skill set of your core Allison+Partners account team.

Thanks to our deep relationships with top outlets and knack for knowing what makes a story, we generate extensive, strategic coverage that moves the needle.