The Work

Media Training

At Allison+Partners we’ve reinvented the media training process. Gone are the days of hammering on jargon-filled corporate messages that are not well received by reporters and don’t result in strong media coverage. Our approach is designed to reveal each client’s inspirational story and use it as the foundation for communicating about the company.

Our media training programs include a comprehensive look at the shifting media landscape and a review of the reporters and audiences in your industry. We then put those learnings to work through a series of media skills training and mock interview exercises led by experienced ex-reporters and seasoned company spokespeople. 

Our Team

We’ve been on both sides of the camera and on all sides of the communications landscape. Our team is led by the most senior members in the agency with decades of experience in executive media training, public relations, journalism, investor relations, legal counsel, crisis communications, public speaking, and executive thought leadership. 

Create Your Training Program

Allison+Partners’ media training programs are designed to be flexible allowing us to customize our offerings to meet your specific requirements. Please use this form to help us begin developing that program for you, or connect with us directly at 415-277-4931 or

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