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FEBRUARY 15, 2018 //     

Facebook teams up with Lyft and others for crisis response efforts

Facebook is amping up its Community Help efforts, now enabling companies like Lyft, Chase, International Medical Corps and Save the Children to easily provide information and services, like food, transportation and shelter, to people in crisis.

“Our priority is to build tools that help keep people safe and provide them with ways to get the help they need to recover and rebuild after a crisis,” Facebook Social Good Product Lead Asha Sharma said in a blog post.

FEBRUARY 14, 2018 //     

Jolly Rancher gives out faux candy jewelry in #ValentinesDaySucks promo

Hershey Co. brand Jolly Rancher this week unveiled a line of jewelry that resembles the hard candy and gave them out to fans via social media sweepstakes, according to a press release. The goal was to rescue candy fans from the "suckiest of situations" of finding a gift for a loved one just days before Valentine's Day. READ MORE
FEBRUARY 14, 2018 //     

Athletes Gasp for Oxygen in Nike’s Dramatic Ode to Air

Breathing. Everybody does it, but it’s especially important for athletes.

A new ad for Nike VaporMax Air sneakers features a mix of pro and amateur sports enthusiasts gasping for oxygen as they exert themselves.

The :60 starts out slow, as each person gears up for the task at hand—a sprint, a swim, a dead-lift, a penalty kick, a free throw and so forth. Before long, they are huffing and grunting as they push it a little further, a little harder. Eventually, they sigh—one last big exhale as they take in the cheers of the crowd—or just meet their own big goal.

FEBRUARY 14, 2018 //     

Forbes Will Pay All of Its Contributors, but Purge the Worst

Credit: Getty Images

Forbes has a new message for its network of largely unpaid contributors: Only the strong will survive, but they’ll be paid.

The financial news publisher is putting each of its 1,500 contributors on a contract that guarantees them a minimum of $250 a month beginning immediately. This new plan also calls for Forbes to review its roster of contributors periodically and cut 10% of the worst performers every year.

FEBRUARY 14, 2018 //     

Snapchat to share insight data with its influencers and creators

Starting on Wednesday, Official Story account holders and creators who have cultivated a large audience will receive an insights feature accessed through their profile screen in Snapchat.

According to the platform, these insights are much sought after by marketing and influencer agencies as well as brands that have built up a substantial following on Snapchat. 

FEBRUARY 12, 2018 //     

Old Spice Keeps Up the Fragrance Ad Parodies With Two Spots for Valentine’s Day

Fans of Old Spice’s irresistibly weird “Red Sweater” spot, which aired completely in French during the Grammys last month (and is available to view, with subtitles, online), will be pleased to know the P&G brand is back with two more fragrance-ad parodies for Valentine’s Day.

The first, “Marco Love-O,” advertising the brand’s Ambassador body wash and deodorant products, revisits part of the formula that made “Red Sweater” so amusing: It repeats the product name over and over, giving it a brand-friendly core underneath its wacky exterior.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018 //     

Badgley Mischka debuts interactive runway app for New York Fashion Week

Luxury brand Badgley Mischka created an app for the iPhone and iPad to let attendees of New York Fashion Week interact with its fall collection as it debuts on the runway on Feb. 13, according to a press release.

The Badgley Mischka Runway app provides exclusive details about the clothing items and models. Show attendees can respond to the outfits on the runway with "like" and "love" buttons in the app, providing real-time data that the brand can use for future design and production decisions. After the show, the retailer will host a panel for both on-site and virtual attendees with designers, models and Badgley Mischka executives about the intersection of fashion and tech, per the release. READ MORE
FEBRUARY 10, 2018 //     

Opening Ceremony of The Winter Olympics Draws 28.3 Million Viewers

Credit: IntelNBC's tape-delayed broadcast of the opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics put up predictably huge numbers Friday night, as some 28.3 million viewers took in the PyeongChang spectacle. READ MORE
FEBRUARY 7, 2018 //     

McDonald’s Goes Back in Time to Salute 50 Groovy Years of the Big Mac

Credit: McDonald's U.K.

I had my first Big Mac circa 1982, when the sandwich was just a sprightly teenager. Now, the iconic McDonald’s menu item is turning 50, and celebrating in the U.K. with a stylish spot from Leo Burnett London that goes back to the ’70s and includes lots of fun décor and packaging shots from McDonald’s through the years.

The shot of the styrofoam Big Mac packaging at the 0:25 mark of the 60-second spot certainly brought back some memories. And there are lots of other fun historical glimpses, from the “McDonald’s introduces Big Mac” billboard (the marketer did run such ads, though in magazines they had a second line, “A meal disguised as a sandwich”) to the in-store menu board of the ’80s.

FEBRUARY 7, 2018 //     

Unilever fashions 28-foot statue to highlight clothing waste

Unilever's deodorant brands — Degree Men, Degree Women, Dove, Dove Men+Care and Axe — kicked off a partnership with thrift retailer Savers with an art installation at The Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center in New York City, according to a press release.

The 28-foot installation, designed and created by studio Electric Coffin, features a female mannequin wearing a massive dress made from repurposed clothing. On the dress are statistics about the 10.5 million tons of clothes that are thrown out each year, along with suggestions for how consumers can extend the life of their clothes with Unilever's new line of Anti-Marks Antiperspirants, which helps prevent white marks and yellow fabric stains. Clothing donation areas are on site, and Unilever plans to recycle clothes to a NYC nonprofit. READ MORE
FEBRUARY 6, 2018 //     

American Greetings explores the complexities of relationships in Valentine’s Day ad

American Greetings has released a Valentine’s Day video that eschews the mushy-gushy in favor of a deeper, more relatable message.

Created by MullenLowe, the ad features people who use greeting cards to relay thoughts that are sometimes too hard to say out loud or in the heat of an argument.


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