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The challenges facing both Western companies venturing to China and globalizing Chinese firms are markedly similar. Whichever way you are leaping across the Pacific, success begins with PR designed to make your company appealing and trustworthy to all of your audiences - both at home and abroad.

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24 Hours in Beijing

Twenty-four hours in the capital of the planet's oldest continuous civilization means you will have to start your day off quickly. Put on your walking shoes and stop at a street vendor or convenience store with a quick breakfast of Beijing's legendary jian bing, savory egg crepes made cilantro, spring onions, spicy sauce, and Chinese-style flour tortilla chips. Then jump into a cab and have your driver rush you past the inbound commuters to wilds of Huairou county north of the city, where you will climb The Great Wall at Mutianyu just in time to beat the daily crowds. Enjoy the views, and stop for a moment to contemplate what it must have been like to assault the best fortified ramparts in the history of the world.

After getting your picture taken on the Wall and riding a slide back to the bottom, ride back to town. Once there, head to the Tianan'men Gate of the Imperial Palace Museum, a world heritage site and the largest wooden structure in the world. Take leave of the crowds ogling the great halls of the Outer Court, and follow your feet to the left into the less crowded environs hiding behind the Gate of Western Peace. Here you will find a more tranquil, more intimate look at the life of China's royal families. Explore the rooms and courtyards of the Hall of Military Prowess, The Garden of Peace and Tranquility, The Hall of Benevolent Peace, The Hall of Mental Cultivation, and the gardens and courtyards of China's most favored empresses and concubines.

Leave the Palace through the Gate of Divine Might, carefully cross the road, and climb the 150-foot Coal Hill that caps Jingshan Park. Sit in the shade of the pagoda and look south. From here you will see the Palace in its full glory, along with the halls of state housing the government of the People's Republic. Duly awed by thoughts of power both ancient and modern, hike back down the western face of the hill, facing the afternoon sun as you stroll through the ancient alleyways – called hutongs – of the Beihai district.

When the sun sets, have a taxi take you the short trip to the districts just west of the Yonghegong Lamma Temple. Here, along a street of courtyard houses you will find a remarkable variety of dinner choices, including some of the best vegetarian food in China. Post-dinner, finish off your day with a foot massage from a blind masseuse then late aperitif at Atmosphere, an elegant bar on the top floor of the 70-storey China World Tower III.

Beijing in The Hot Seat

We asked members of our Beijing office to sound off on food, TV and music and more. Here’s what they had to say:

Favorite Watering Hole

Atmosphere on the 80th floor of China World Tower 3 in Beijing. On a clear day from there, Beijing reveals its hidden majesty.

What food is most associated with your city?

Peking Duck, the ONLY way to eat waterfowl.

Is your city known for any famous movies?

More and more all the time - Bernardo Bertolucci's The Last Emperor and Peter Wang's A Great Wall are our favorites.

Why do you live in Beijing?

Beyond being the heart of Chinese history, culture, business, media, and politics, Beijing is the quintessential Chinese city.