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To harness the power of influence effectively, one must first understand the potential influencers have to make an impact. Allison+Partners worked in conjunction with data scientists and mathematicians to develop a proprietary scoring system to evaluate and measure the potential impact influencers can have on consumer decision making.


A multi-point quantitative indicator of an individual’s personal network and includes the number of channels they utilize to communicate a message and/or narrative.

The qualitative evaluation of bias, or lack thereof, and an assessment of original content. It is a multi-point determination of the credibility of the source and quality of content.

The X-factor that relates directly to net potential impact based on a number of variables, ultimately determining strength and expertise. It is an evaluation of quality and the cascade of influence from one influencer to another. It has a premium value attached to it.

Consumer decision making process

The Intensification of

Allison+Partners’ inaugural Influence Impact Report explores how influence works within this complex environment and offers new insight into which voices are the most important for brands to activate. The study reveals that influence is more than the effect media and digital influencers have on consumers, or a one-way channel to deliver information. In fact, influence only begins when consumers make a decision to move toward purchase.

Download Allison+Partners' "Navigating the Flow of Influence" Report.

Influence Begins with the
Consumer, and is a Pull not Push

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  • Consumer buying behavior

    The "Who" may be more important than the "What"

    There are three "personas" that present the greatest opportunities for brands to make an impact in the ecosystem of influence:

  • Consumer buying behavior

    The Expressive Explorer

    + Open to and inspired by new experiences

    + Research-driven and primarily uses social and online channels

    + Expresses opinions and actively seeks others' views as part of the discovery process

    + Values “reach” because they value diversity in sources

  • Consumer buying behavior

    The Socially Conscious Connector

    + Values “authenticity,” relying heavily on word-of-mouth, especially from friends and family

    + Have a defined world view and look for brands that share their POV

    + Believes brands should have deep commitment to community and shared values

    + Diversity and multiculturalism are an expectation

  • Consumer buying behavior

    The Commnivore

    + Starts their journey in digital channels

    + Engages with breadth and depth of platform/networks with which to tell their story

    + More likely to be multicultural, comprised of largely Millennials and Gen X

    + Values “power” through multiple channel consumption

Consumer buying decision process

Consumer buying decision process


Download our inaugural 2016 Navigating the Flow of Influence Report. Or take a peek at our newest report, the Impact of Influence, which features a ranking of the most influential 2016 US gold medal winners.