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Promoting Access to Care: Healthcare Leadership Council and Medicare Today


Every year, the Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), a coalition of chief executives from throughout the healthcare industry, tackles a number of legislative challenges on healthcare reform. Our team works to make these issues local and personal, demonstrating the impact of federal proposals on local communities. For nearly two decades, the team at Allison+Partners has helped HLC achieve several significant legislative victories relating to healthcare reform, Medicare modernization, health IT, medical privacy and the healthcare workforce shortage. 

As the leading voice on healthcare issues, the Healthcare Leadership Council accepted the challenge to educate Medicare beneficiaries, caregivers, providers and health advocates about Medicare Part D. They created Medicare Today, a broad-based coalition that conducted a national public awareness campaign to educate about Part D. Through our team’s multi-faceted work, we collected more than 800 testimonials from seniors, trained 175,000 pharmacists and other partners to enroll seniors in Medicare Part D, and educated more than 5.8 million beneficiaries about this benefit. As threats and challenges to this successful program continue, the education campaign also continues.

Overall, we’ve built and maintained broad-based coalitions in more than 40 states and in more than 250 congressional districts, arranging for more than 1000 district meetings or facility tours with Members of Congress. Through public education, media activities, grassroots mobilization and thought leadership, these coalitions demonstrate the impact of federal proposals on both the industry and within communities. As a result, HLC's grassroots program has earned a reputation for being the most effective in the healthcare industry.  

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