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Elevating an Environmental Brand and Cause From Niche to National


The Goldman Environmental Prize, considered the “Green Nobel Prize” for grassroots environmentalism, is awarded annually to environmental heroes from each of the world’s six inhabited continents. The winners are not celebrities or world-renowned scientists, but rather, ordinary people who are inspired to take on overwhelming environmental and social problems in the face of political opposition, social indifference and often life-threatening situations. 

While the Goldman Environmental Prize awards the world’s largest prizes honoring grassroots environmentalism, it realized it could offer its extraordinary recipients something significantly more valuable than the cash: the power of PR to support their actions to save the natural world. 

This year, Allison+Partners’ efforts to progress the work of these grassroots environmental heroes resulted in more than 150 highly targeted print, broadcast and online stories (more than 275 million impressions) in outlets such as the Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, USA Today, BBC News, International Herald Tribune, Bloomberg, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fast Company, Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, National Geographic, NBC Latino and dozens more. 

The most powerful result was the role the PR campaign played in the landmark achievement of Azzam Alwash of Iraq. In July 2013 – following a significant PR effort reaching influencers within Iraq and in the international community – the Iraqi government officially recognized the Mesopotamian Marshlands as Iraq’s first national park. Alwash made it clear that the media attention placed on his work had a major impact on this extraordinary achievement, saying, “The international spotlight the Goldman Prize brought to the Mesopotamian Marshes provided a critical boost in our long journey to permanently protect this treasure. We've worked for more than 10 years to make this happen and we celebrate an important milestone in the history of Iraq with our first National Park.”

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