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Protecting Consumers: Ciba Specialty Chemicals and Citizens for Sun Protection


The Food & Drug Administration oversees sun protection standards for ingredients in sunscreen. When Ciba Specialty Chemicals needed to stress that there was a need for more stringent and comprehensive standards for sunscreen ingredients in the United States, they turned to our team.

We managed field teams in 15 states to support the issue and encourage increased standards for sunscreen. Allison+Partners implemented on-the-ground coalition building, letter-writing campaigns, digital outreach and on-line petitions to build momentum. The letter-writing campaign alone generated more than 200 letters from a strategic population including physicians, patient advocates, skin cancer survivors, local and state-level politicians and kitchen cabinet members encouraging increased sun protection standards. Allison+Partners’ digital outreach, acquired nearly 2,000 on-line petition signatures through Citizens for Sun Protection, a campaign coalition website, and mobilized an extensive targeted e-mail campaign promoting the issue.

Following the extensive outreach, the tidal wave of encouragement to increase sunscreen’s sun protection standards broke through. The FDA issued a new rule in the Coalition’s favor, breaking a decade-long stalemate and garnering front-page coverage in the Washington Post.

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