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JULY 12, 2017 //     

Why These Restaurant Recommendations Come From a ‘Bot’ With a Human Touch and Not AI

The InfatuationAs artificial intelligence powers more and more chatbots by the day, one restaurant recommendation and foodie lifestyle website continues to buck that trend with a human-powered “bot.” The Infatuation, launched in 2014 as a side hustle from Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang, found delivering dining ideas with a human touch to New Yorkers cultivated a deeper connection with its readers. READ MORE

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Ken Burns explained why John McCain wasn’t interviewed for his 'The Vietnam War' documentary t.co/jtOykEa5pI t.co/ROziLNIJKo
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I can't believe I actually agree with this guy, but here we are. t.co/YEShN5vTHD
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TMAGAZINE // Sep 21, 2017 What’s more relaxing than a place to sit just inches off the floor? For a guide to inviting furniture that's low to the ground, click the link in our bio. Photo by Patricia Heal (@patriciaheal)
NATGEO // Sep 21, 2017 Photo by @BrianSkerry. A Sperm Whale rests just below the surface in the waters off the Azores in the North Atlantic. The largest of all “toothed whales,” the Sperm Whale was once believed to be a monster, but is actually an elusive and gentle animal. Sp
DANIELARSHAM // Sep 21, 2017 This work took me over 10 years to realize. Swipe all the way to the right. You will be able to see it in person in Moscow beginning September 29th at VDNH.
GOODTYPE // Sep 21, 2017 "Mexico" by @devandvan. #StrengthInLetters #Goodtype
NATGEO // Sep 20, 2017 Photo @lucalocatelliphoto for @natgeo Growing locally inside a city is a trend everywhere and the Dutch have their own way. the Netherlands has become an agricultural giant and it propose the most advanced high tech agro farming solutions to grow more wi
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