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How to Bring Millennial Moms Back to the Mall

By Serina Tan


Millennial moms are an important demographic for the future of shopping malls, as they drive daily purchasing decisions for their families. However, over the past five years, countless media stories have chronicled the increasing obsolescence of malls around the world as they fall prey to the growth of online shopping.

Characterized by their high mobile and Internet use, a love for online shopping and a penchant for consuming and sharing content on their social networks, millennial moms prefer the ease of doing household errands and shopping for necessities via mobile device. This evolution in shopping has significantly eroded the importance of brick and mortar malls in their lives.

For retail brands to stay relevant to this influential generation of shoppers, they must overhaul the brick and mortar shopping experience, using strategies that keep consumers engaged and coming back for more.

  1. Prioritize convenience, family-friendly amenities and perks

Whether a “kids eat free” day, priority parking, playgrounds or spacious family lounges, millennial moms appreciate establishments that cater to their family’s diverse needs while out and about. They also value convenience, which make investing in things like WiFi or a mobile-friendly website that allows shoppers to browse the store directory, before they arrive, critical considerations.

  1. Curate the right tenant mix and promotions

Millennial moms set the tone for well being in their families, and are very willing to spend on health and beauty services, organic products and on early childhood education and enrichment classes. Malls should keep this in mind, and make it a priority when planning the tenant mix. When devising promotional strategies, offerings that appeal to the rest of the family (i.e., kids, dads and grandparents) should be bundled together so that the mall becomes an anticipated destination for all.

  1. Create interactive, meaningful experiences

Millennial moms seek quality-bonding time with their families. From entertaining Sesame Street shows to educational science adventures, moms want fun and interesting ways to spend time with their kids. Being both progressive and traditional at the same time, millennial moms have a strong desire to connect their children to their own history, so malls should consider bringing back popular games that invoke parents’ warm and familiar childhood memories.

  1. Develop shareable content

These moms consume and share everything — from articles with parenting tips and highlights of fun hang out venues, to photos and videos of their children. They seek solutions and parenting advice from websites, blogs and forums. Malls should consider partnering with parenting influencers to develop entertaining, informative and shareable content, such as videos or listicles that their mommy audiences can share with like-minded communities. Also, sponsoring contests on Facebook or Instagram would give these moms a way to share their happy family moments, promote the mall experience to their friends and strengthen their relationship with the local brick and mortar shopping venue.

Serina Tan is the general manager of Allison+Partners’ Singapore office.

Posted by: Serina Tan on January 30, 2017 @ 11:33 am
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