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Jonathan Heit

Global Partner + President, Americas

Jonathan Heit

Jonathan is a co-founder of Allison+Partners, helping launch the company and build its brand in both Los Angeles and now in New York. In his current role Jonathan is focused on the growth and overall operations of the agency in addition to continuing to enhance its technology and digital media offering globally. 

As the agency's global head of the digital media and technology practice, headlined by technology leaders such as Samsung and Sony alongside innovative trendsetters like Whatsapp and Mozilla, Jonathan shapes direction for one of the agency’s largest practice groups. He is also instrumental in leveraging the firm's roots in digital, as part of the early YouTube and Dropbox teams, to spot trends that will impact the agency as a whole and earmark new potential growth areas. 

Jonathan received a bachelor's degree from Cornell University and previously freelanced as a music journalist and blogger. Through his production company Freehold Arts, Jonathan has written, directed and produced videos featured on YouTube and the home page of Funny or Die. His client experience includes: Samsung, Sony, YouTube, Dropbox and many more. He lives outside of NYC with his wife, two children and a chiweenie named Oscar.

Where do you think the PR industry is going?

The entire foundations of our industry are being shaken up in the most exciting ways. As the medium becomes more diffuse, through the advent of social and digital technologies, the mechanisms for communicating messages are more diverse than ever. Layer on top of that the increasing presence of GPS and mobile technologies, and the idea of reaching an audience, be they potential donors to an AIDS non-profit or everyday consumers, is being redefined. As advertising and product placement reaches a saturation point, I think we are at an interesting point in the history of our profession, and that future generations will look back on this as a golden age of PR.

What book has had the most impact on you?

Jack Kerouac's On The Road. It taught me early on to look at life as a journey vs. a destination. It also helped me appreciate the people around me, no matter how eccentric they may be, and the power of a smart, creative team to truly change the world.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I grew up wanting to be a doctor.  At the age of four I learned how to spell pediatrician, and was always captivated by the notion of helping heal sick kids. Ultimately, however, organic chemistry did me in, and set me on the path to explaining complicated issues to others, rather than trying to solve them myself.

What's your biggest success?

I come from a technology background, dating back to the launch of Samsung's first HDTV's in the mid-nineties. As we founded this agency from the rubble of the dot com bust, there were many who doubted technology as a long-term opportunity. Fighting to maintain our edge in that important sector by leveraging our roots, and growing Allison+Partners into one of the most trusted brands in the digital arena continues to be something I'm very proud of.

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